James Verret Biography
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James Verret
Manager of Contracts/Marketing
Energy & Marine

Mr. Verret was working for Mallard Drilling when he caught the attention of Doerle Food Service. He was a catering manager in charge of labor and food cost for eight drilling rigs, and used Doerle as his grocery provider. Over time he streamlined the system by placing orders electronically and through spreadsheets, leading to a huge reduction in costs for Mallard. Carolyn Doerle knew she wanted James on the team and asked him to join in 1997, confident his 17 years of experience in the Energy and Marine industry would be a good fit, and that he had a lot more to offer. As a sales representative James, who was mostly self-taught on computer systems, learned all aspects of Doerle's AS400 software system for order processing and pricing functions. That led to an increase in our Energy and Marine Division's gross profit over the next eight years. James was promoted in 1997, the same year he joined Doerle Food Service, to Operations Manager for the Energy and Marines Sales Division, overseeing all aspects of the customer segment. He earned another promotion in September 2010 and currently is the division's Sales and Marketing Manager.
James always strives for excellent customer service and believes Doerle's position as the only company in the Energy and Marine industry that has three locations along the Gulf Coast sets us apart from our competitors. James hopes to see Doerle with even more locations in the region, and even other parts of the country to serve the Oil & Gas industry.



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